Tyson Foods Recall: 30,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets Contaminated with Metal Pieces

US food company Tyson Foods has initiated a recall of nearly 30,000 pounds (13,600 kg) of chicken nuggets, specifically the ‘Fun Nuggets’ product, due to consumer complaints of metal pieces being discovered in these dinosaur-shaped chicken patties.

The Recall

No other Tyson brand products have been affected by this recall, as stated by the company in a recent release. This emphasizes that the issue is isolated to the ‘Fun Nuggets’ product.

A limited number of consumers reported finding small, pliable metal pieces in the product, prompting Tyson Foods to take swift action. The recall was officially announced on November 4, with the company citing an “abundance of caution” as the primary reason for this decision.

Tyson Foods has been proactive in addressing this concern and informed the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. The recall is being conducted voluntarily, further underscoring the company’s commitment to ensuring product safety.

Safety Concerns

The USDA reported only one instance of a minor oral injury associated with the consumption of these contaminated chicken nuggets. Nevertheless, Tyson Foods has taken this issue seriously, as it poses potential risks to consumers.

Affected Products

The ‘Fun Nuggets’ were sold in 29-ounce bags and were produced on September 5. These products were distributed to various states, including Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin, with the intention of reaching retailers.

Consumer Guidance

The USDA has advised consumers who have these nuggets in their freezers to either discard them or return them to the place of purchase. This step is crucial in preventing any further consumption of potentially contaminated products.

In conclusion, the Tyson Foods recall of ‘Fun Nuggets’ serves as a reminder of the importance of food safety and quality control in the food industry. By promptly addressing this issue and ensuring transparency, Tyson Foods aims to maintain its commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction.

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