Strange Objects Stuck in Bodies: Bizarre Cases from CDC Data

In an astonishing compilation of peculiar incidents, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have revealed some of the strangest foreign objects that people found themselves with inside their bodies in 2021. These cases, drawn from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) database, shed light on the unexpected items causing injuries and emergency room visits.

The Unusual Suspects

Magnets, chargers, lollipops, and even orange peels are among the surprising objects reported to have been lodged in people’s bodies in 2021. These cases might sound bizarre, but they were responsible for a significant number of emergency room visits. According to CDC data, foreign objects lodged in the human body ranked as the ninth leading cause of unintentional injuries that led to ER visits in 2021, with nearly 278,000 U.S. adults seeking medical attention.

An Unusual Ranking

Commenting on this unusual ranking, Dr. Marc Siegel, a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, explained, “Foreign objects being stuck in strange places is predictable at No. 9, when you consider that more than half are sex toys.” However, he also noted that there’s another side to this issue: people absentmindedly inserting objects into their nose, ears, and mouth, which can result in serious injury.

Dr. Siegel shared a personal experience, recalling a 10-year-old patient with a clogged nasal passage. After some investigation, he discovered the cause – a battery stuck up the child’s nose. Fortunately, the situation was resolved without any harm.

Strange Inventory

In December 2022, a blogger on Defector listed some of the specific foreign objects found in the CPSC database, categorized by the orifice they were discovered in. The inventory is nothing short of bizarre, including items like cufflinks, plastic swords, insects, lollipops, and even an LED light found in ears. In noses, gum wrappers, magnets, rice, and orange peels were some of the unexpected objects.

Unintentional swallowing of objects also resulted in a high number of ER visits, with reports of steak knives, flashlights, and even pet toys found in the digestive tracts. Notably, both men and women visited the emergency room after inserting objects into their genitalia, making this an issue of concern for all genders.

The Rectal Dilemma

Perhaps the most surprising revelation is that a significant number of individuals ended up in the hospital due to objects found in their rectums. A July 2023 study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine revealed that nearly 4,000 people are hospitalized each year for this reason.

Items discovered in rectums ranged from sex toys to wrenches and even an ice-cream cone. Dr. Siegel summed it up, saying, “Orifices are not made for foreign object intrusion unless it’s a doctor doing it for investigative medical purposes.”

In conclusion, the CDC data paints a curious picture of the bizarre and sometimes dangerous objects that people manage to get stuck in their bodies. These cases serve as a reminder of the importance of safety and vigilance in everyday life, as well as the need for proper medical attention when things take an unexpected turn.

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